For a more complicated explanation of the term probate check out The Florida Bar or visit the Florida Statues chapters 731 through 739. We will keep this simple. Probate is the process of identifying and distributing the  assets of the deceased to the rightful heirs and creditors. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” If you think about it even in death you may pay taxes.

If you are assigned as the personal representative to an estate of a loved one, it might seem as an overwhelming task.  However, be rest assured if you need to liquefy assets and sell property in Duval, Clay, Nassau or St. Johns counties the “Davis Duo” are here to help. We have an extensive vendor list of auctioneers to property preservation and everyone in between to help whether you are near or far.

Who can you trust? Where can you turn? By now you certainly are getting letters that state….. Get cash now! Closing in 10 days! Hassle free! No commissions!  No repairs “AS IS” condition! Ugly homes no problem…..right?

Sure you are. Well, they are right.

“What you say……?”

Yes, they are right and wrong. Good and bad.

“Wait I don’t understand. ”

All of these statements offer a quick  and easy solution. However you must understand this results in a deeply discounted prices. For purposes of of this explanation we will call this option FAST. You will not get many letters discussing the TRADITIONAL option. If you did it would go something like….Get FAIR market value! Get TOP DOLLAR! Closing takes 45 to 60 days! Some REPAIRS may be needed! Most FEES and COMMISSIONS are paid at closing once you have a buyer! There are more advantages and disadvantages of each option FAST and TRADITIONAL which should be discussed in more detail.  Both can be guided by a real estate agent. Hire a REALTOR®. We are bound by a code of ethics. We are trusted professionals and have had training in dealing with the public and others in the real estate community.