Marketing Plan

Price is not everything. Location, amenities, fixtures and condition of the home play a major part in resale value. Let’s face it, in order for your house to sell do you have to have a strong marketing plan. Below is a brief description of our marketing plan.

1) AVM Models (I will not mention names).
I know I’m going to get so many comments from my colleagues about this, however it’s true AVM models are a number one way to market your house for sale. If you’re not using it you’re missing out on a majority of the market.

2) Professional and Personal Relationships

This is just something that FSBOs just won’t have and will never have. This step allows agents to sell the house faster and more efficiently than any other means. It’s called word-of-mouth. I can’t tell you how many times I have reached out to my spear of influence (friends, family, lenders, agents, lawyers, insurance agents, and yes the mail man and garbage man) when I list or sell a property in a particular area and someone I know knows someone who wants to buy.

Buyers tell your agents if there is a certain area you absolutely love, and why you love it!

3) The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

There is no denying the fact that the Internet is oh so powerful! Sellers when you list a property not only do you employ the listing agent to sell it you also employ every other agent out there to go find your buyer. That is what the MLS does.

4) Direct Mail

The title alone is enough on this topic.

5) Open Houses

Sellers your home has to be made ready to buy when you have open houses. If not it is a waste of the buyer and agents time. When you are marketing your home for all to come see you are opening up the property for criticism. Buyers are going to pick it a part. Ask your agent what repairs are needed, get the repairs done and then watch offers roll in.

6) Visual aids

This may sound so elementary but properties need visual aids. Why waste the time and money rehabbing a property only to put subpar photos up, no informational sheets at the property and no video on YouTube or social media.

Find an agent that knows how to do this if not be prepared to give upfront money to get this done. Agents who do may charge upfront fees or outline it in there listing agreement. Sellers once this is done ask your agent to provide you a link, website something so that if someone is asking you about your property for sale you can provide them that information. You never know who knows your buyer.

7) My Secret Weapon!

Ever get tired or frustrated of not knowing the current update on your home whether selling or buying? Be in the loop.

Buyers get updates daily on homes that meet their criteria. Once in contract know every step of the way what is next what is expected.

Sellers do you often wonder what my agent is doing day in and day out in order to sell my home. Seller’s sell their home in order to liquefy an asset. The reasons behind liquefying asset vary from seller to seller. Whether they need a bigger house, need a smaller house, need to get rid of debt etc. The message is clear they want their homes sold.

Let us show you how you can anytime of the day see updates on your home. This is my marketing plan not for selling homes per say but selling sellers and buyers on choosing us for the real estate needs.

I have more marketing strategies to my list however I’m not going to give it all away on my blog! You have to hire us to find out what else. Call us today or visit the book appointment link on the homepage and schedule your listing appointment now.