Jacksonville, Florida has stations serving both military and naval stations.
We receive weekly calls from our military about housing and we would be remissed if we did not acknowledge our Armed Forces.’s-military-presence.aspx

Work with an agent that is CMHSC certified. The “Davis Team” would like announce to military families and housing professionals that we are equipped to offer expert customer service to military men and women, whether they use a VA loan or some other type of financing.

No only do we service buyers but also sellers. As a housing professional, we have an opportunity to provide our customers with information that could help avoid mortgage delinquencies in the future. With the “Steps to Foreclosure Prevention” module we can help you be proactive with regards to your mortgage or guide them to seek the advice of a free, HUD-certified housing counselor if mortgage difficulties arise. Contact us for the free Forclosure Prevention module or home locator today!