Live In Florida & I have a Foreclosure Date! Now What Do I do?

So you have a foreclosure date set and you are wondering what to do?

First, call your real estate agent! We are the last people you call and we should be the first. Statistically, most people call their friends, family, a member of clergy, then lastly the bank. By that time it is to late for us to help you.

At this point you honestly are confused, afraid, angry even, but one thing you are not is in denial. This is often times where homeowners get their aha moment. Most realize they have nothing more to lose. If they don’t do something they will inevitably lose their home.

Agents will help to guide you through this time. We have no problem telling you what actions are taken and what options you have to prevent foreclosure. The lenders are concerned with two things. Your hardship and net proceeds. Which means they want to help you their customer and get the most from the relationship as possible.

Banks are changing the way they do business. Short sales are more streamlined in 2013. We met with servicers at REOCON. Which is one of the first conferences of the year to discuss the changes with Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, U.S Treasury and others concerning short sales. How many agents can say they heard it first from the U.S Treasury?

Learn and get knowledge from us first. Dispelling that short sales don’t work. They do and are better now more than ever. By February 1st documents need will change. There are new short sale guidelines for Fannie and Freddie! Did you know that if you are 90 days delinquent less than 620 credit score documents needed are reduced! That means quicker processing and quicker approvals! Checklists will be uploaded soon concerning short sales. Call us to schedule your consultation today!

The earlier you call in the process the quicker the relief!

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