Still looking for rentals?  Even though the interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades you still can not purchase a home, we understand. Contact us we can show you three options to put you on the path to home ownership. See below for the options in no particular order.

Option 1: Seller Financing

There are sellers that are open to holding notes. Instead of going to a lender you would go to the seller of the home you were interested in. The seller would state their terms of the mortgage. For example the interest rate, down payment, term or years etc… To keep it simple the seller would be acting like the bank. Which also could mean the could foreclose and evict you if you do not hold up your end of the agreement.

Option 2: Credit Repair

There are many lenders that have resources or even a credit repair department. Work with a lender that can assist you get to your goals in the very near future.

Option 3: Rent to Own

During your negotiation of the rental terms you would add an option to purchase the home after a period of time. With that option you would also need to give consideration for the ability to exercise that option in the future. Check with us for more details.