Help! I Can’t Find A House For Sale That I Want To Buy.

This week alone we received 3 calls from buyers already working with agents asking for our help. “My agent keeps sending me things higher than I want to purchase”. “Why can I not find what I want to purchase in our price range”. “How come when I search Zillow, Trulia or other websites my agent tells me the property is no longer available”. Are you starting to feel as though your agent can not produce what you are looking for? Well, you might be right! Searching for homes for sale in Florida is a challenge. Gone are the days of a flooded market with distressed listings.Inventory in Jacksonville is low with a capital L. Trust me it is not that your agent is trying to get more money out of you. The facts are that the market has changed once again.

We thought to ourselves how can we help our buyers find what they are looking for first? Before the competition. Then it dawned on us. Back to door knocking, however this time we are coming with ammunition. Agents if you are reading this take the time to work with For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) or other leads like pre-foreclosures.

Buyers when inventory is low or homes are poor in selection like it is now. Prices usually go up and so does demand. For instance earlier this month we closed on a property that had 10 offers. I hope this gives you an idea for how fierce the competition is right now for all new buyers. If you have been searching for a home in the past 3-4 months then you can attest to that. Please send us an email or place comments below we welcome them. Do not take our word for it below for link to article written on these same topic in Florida.


Tip: Choose an subject, area or neighborhood you like most for example Golf course communities, Historic Riverside or Gated communites. Have your agent canvas that area for your criteria. You might be asked to sign a buyer representation agreement prior to this. But it will be well worth it. Be confident that your agent will produce results after signing this. It spells out what is expected and compensation if necessary.

Tip: Have you every thought about changing you search criteria. Be open to suggestions. You might be surprised. Twice this week we have converted our buyers. Go from single family residences to trying condos or townhouses. Switch from foreclosures to new construction. Builder inventory has special incentives that make building from the ground up or purchasing new construction just as affordable as existing inventory if not better. Go beyond Duval county (Jacksonville, Florida) search Clay or even St. John’s county Ponte Vedra Beach area as well.

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