Foreclosures Under $150K



Are you looking for a deal? What buyer isn’t. The market is flooded with great buys. The average buyer purchases a property from about $145,000 to $170,000. In this price range you can find decent single family homes available for purchase. Act quickly however! Since this is the median price range the homes on this page do not last very long.

What does buying a foreclosure really mean? How do I obtain a list or make an offer to purchase? If the answers to these questions are I’m not really sure or I do not know where to begin. Then you have come to the right place. Bank Owned, REO, VA, HUD and Foreclosures are all the common terms you may have seen that relate to homes owned by government or banks. These listings are often a great buy because whatever institution that owns them is wanting to off load them in a hurry. The entities listed above are not in the holding business they are in the loaning business. Loaning money that is. For that these particular homes are discounted for quick sales.

I know what your thinking. There has to be a catch? Your right there is. Think to yourself. If I lost my job would I be more concerned with food on the table for my family or fixing something in the house. My point is that these homes when they come to the market they may come with some neglect. Some may be in need of repair. Others are outdated and could use a face lift with a fresh coat of paint and carpeting. Whatever the case is, the ugly duckling can be come a beautiful swan. Try renovation loans. See the financing page to view lenders that specialize in this type of financing and reap the rewards today.