DIY Most Difficult Tasks For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) & Rebuttals To Their Objections

2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: Most Difficult Task for FSBO Sellers.

I must say I am a big Do It Yourself advocate. However, with that being said I also know when to call assistance. That is why I thought this article was important to highlight. If you have only purchased and sold one home. You may feel as though you know how to handle a real estate transaction. Every transaction is different. Every buyer is different so therefore, the paperwork will be different.

AVM models like Zillow are great tools for real estate however they should not be the only tool. The second most highest difficult tool for FSBO was pricing at 14%. If you overprice you home it may be detrimental. Often times it your behind the ball trying to catch up to the market. Do not let your home become labeled the overpriced home. See the above links for other difficulties for FSBOs.

Let’s also discuss the reasons why FSBOs try to sale their home on there own.

Reason why I want to sell the home myself:

I have my real estate license (1% of FSBOs)

Are you active? Do you know your market? If the answers are no, I would recommend trying to find a competent agent. Please excuse me, here is where I must toot our horn. We preform Broker Priced Opinions (BPOs). This gives us an advantage over other possible applicants. How you ask? Agents that preform market evaluations daily have a far more market knowledge than agents that do not perform routine evaluations.

I tried an agent and they where not able to sell my home (6% of FSBOs)

ALL AGENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Yes I placed the preceding sentence in all caps. I’m sure in your place of business or occupation you have others in your team or colleagues that slack off. Perhaps they have a different work ethic than you. We as agents have a Code of Ethics that do not allow use to bash one another we are supposed to lift each other up. With that being said this is all that I will say on this topic.

Agents, I don’t want to deal with them (18% of FSBOs)

Really! Well sellers believe it or not most agents do not want to deal with you either. There is a book that is called “Buyers Are Liars & Sellers Are Too”. I recommend all FSBOs to read it.
The reality is nothing gets done if we are at odds with one another. A deal gets done only when all parties agree. There has to be a give and take on all sides in order to have a successful outcome. “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” is also another great book. Emphasis is placed upon Habit 4: THINK WIN-WIN. This feeling of not wanting to deal with agents can be overcome by interviewing agents. Select the best agent you feel most comfortable with and will get the job done. Trust me we all know we have a lot to prove and we can’t feed our families in this market unless we do everything within our power to get the job done.

I know someone already that wants to buy it (25% of FSBOs)

Do not get me wrong a large percentage 40% of FSBO sales occur when the seller knows the buyer. Just think how much more of the market area can opened up to the seller if they where to list the home with a agent. Agents have an expansive database that include investors and buyers that may want to purchase your home. Our colleagues are another valuable tool. Agents seek out other great agents. They show their homes first because you know that the transaction will go smoothly. Plus everybody know at least 1 person looking to buy, well agents know many more.

I do not want to pay the commission (43% of FSBOs)

FSBO sellers generally have lower median incomes and are more often singles, especially single males (information pulled from National Association of Realtors, NAR) so I get why you feel you may be saving money. Have you every heard the saying time is money. If your home is sitting, no activity, no calls, not being shown then it is stagnant. A stagnant home can’t make you any money. Your wants, desires, and goals are put on the back burner. Do you need to sell your home in order to relocate for a new job (which are hard to come by theses days)? Do you have grand children that you want to get to but your home is keeping you from your goals? Call an agent today! Call us today 9047420086 or 9047425266.

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