North Florida Condos

Condo short for condominium, is a great way to own a home without all the maintenance. Often times the pest control, pool, garbage pickup, landscaping, painting, exterior repair not limited to roof can be customary items that are taken care of by the association. A condo does require a fee to be paid to cover the above items. That fee can be paid monthly, quarterly and even yearly. With every year there is a chance that the condo fees could be raised or lowered. A great condo located off Gate Parkway near the Town Center called Mirabella lowered its fees this year (2012). In a condo you own you individual unit but you share the common areas. Condos are very different than apartments. It is often hard to tell from just looking on the outside. Some town homes are considered condo communities and some apartments are actually condos. It really boils down to how the units are structured legally and how they convey ownership.

Condos have guidelines or rules that govern how the association is managed. Contact your local REALTOR® to learn more about the condo purchasing process. Search below for your next condo to call home.

Condos in Jacksonville, Orange Park & Beaches