So you have decided to purchase a home. It will be one of the largest purchases and biggest decisions you will make in you life. Huge compared to buying a computer. Gargantuan in comparison to purchasing your 1st car. You probably did not make those decisions alone. So why would you start now. Be guided by a professional.

By now your curious to know, how do I proceed? Before you contacted an agent you probably have been scouring the internet for homes for sale. Well look no further you have found the only website you need. Now that you ready to become a homeowner. The next step is to find out how you will purchase a home. You could finance (borrow money from a lender or bank) or pay cash,which is not unheard of. In fact most purchases under $60,000 are cash purchases. Which brings me to another point. Most buyers now are competing with investors who pay cash for properties. You may say why does this matter. It matters because these cash buyers do not have contingencies. It shows more favorable to the seller. They are able to close quickly, some as early as 7 days. It is recommended that before you contact an agent contact your lender. But of course, if you need recommendation on lenders by all means contact me. We also can provide you with local and national buyer assistance programs.

From financing to property search locating you homestead can be easy or daunting. Keeping realistic ideas in mind are key to successful outcomes. You will never find a home with everything you want. Have a must have list and liked to have list in order to keep perspectives in line. The only time you will be 100% satisfied is when you build your home from the ground up and even then you’ll find things you should have did differently.

Time to make an offer. Negotiations between buyer and seller takes place during this time. It is only when each party compromises can a deal become successful. Truly a win-win situation. Now here comes the fun part, home inspections. When your purchasing a property the lender wants to insure that their investment is sound. There is no other way that the lender can do that except to request a clear wood destroying organism (WDO) report. This report must be completed by licensed professional that will describe current and past infestations. All lenders will require that this report is clear prior to releasing funds for purchase.

Surveys are usually paid for by seller in North Florida. However, different areas will have different customs. Most foreclosures for instance, sellers will not pay for survey so be prepared for that fee to be paid for by buyer. Surveys are informational tools used to describe any encroachments, boundary lines, surface water, existing improvements, and drains.

You know you are almost to the end of your purchase experience when your agent asks you what is a good day and time to schedule your walk through. A walk through is just what is sounds like it is the last opportunity to take to walk through the home to make sure the fixtures that are supposed to remain in the home are there as well as to make sure no forces of nature have destroyed your homes composition.

Lastly, there is the closing. During the closing you will signing documents to finalize the purchase. It is necessary that you bring your identification and your wife (if married purchasing a primary homestead) even though she may not be on the note.